Thursday, 3 August 2017

Cook island language week.

Kia orana. This week is Cook Island Language Week, So we are learning to speak Cook Island. We all have learnt some words and they are pakau, 
mako rai, e tano ei, mako and tamata'ia. They all mean awesome, well done, thats great, great and give it a go. Hope you have learned something and thank you.


  1. Good job! How about sharing your poster instead of this image?

  2. Hi Tamiah its your little sister Daphne.well hi nice ending.

  3. Hi tamiah this is your younger cousin great job i hope you post more things that i can comment on i love the photo also bless you and i hope you have a lovely day i heard you were sick so i hope you get better

  4. hi tamiah its me Phi-An well done girl.Good job